Adwebvertising Client Needs Assessment

Adwebvertising Client Needs Assessment

If you are here on this page it is because you are in a unique position to begin a potential partnership with the experts at Adwebvertising. This needs assessment is aimed at procuring valuable information about your business that we will use to tailor a solution that fits your specific business needs. This needs assessment may also serve you as an “eye-opener” regarding the state of your business. Good or bad, it should serve as an encouragement to you and your business as it will help both of us to get a pulse on where you are currently and more importantly, where you are going!

What to Expect

This form is not simply an exercise in futility. We will evaluate this form and put together a valuable recommendation to help you reach your business goals.

The form can take anywhere from a half-hour to an hour or more to complete (depending on how detailed your answers are). The questionnaire is divided into 6 sections

  1. Contact Information
  2. Fundamentals of the Business
  3. Your Competitive Edge
  4. Past & Present: Your Advertising and Marketing
  5. Your Target Audience
  6. Permissions

If at any time you need clarity on the questions being asked, or if you would prefer to answer these questions in person give us a call at (713) 397-3833 -or- Request a Free Consultation via our online request form.

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