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Lead Generation & Marketing Automation Solutions from Adwebvertising

Fact: 90% of all visitors to your website don’t pick up the phone immediately and call you to buy your product or service.

Fact: Most businesses don’t have a way of identifying visitors to their website and are left in the dark as to the potential for new revenue opportunities.

Fact: Many marketing teams are ill-equipped to capture, nurture, and qualify leads for the sales teams to act upon.

What If…

What if we told you there was a way that we could help you identify anonymous visitors to your website and provide you with the following information about these anonymous visitors to your website?

  • Business Name
  • Contact Information
  • Demographics
  • Search Behavior
  • Financial Data

Do you see the value in knowing who is visiting your website? Of course you do. Knowing is about 90% of the battle. Armed with this knowledge you could very well gain a competitive advantage in your market space and never miss a sales opportunity again. But simply knowing is not enough.


What If…

We told you that we could then help you score these leads across multiple criteria, auto-assign these leads to members of your sales team, trigger instant notifications when some visits your website, help you identify your ideal customers from random visitors or other sales prospectors who visit your website?
Do you see how this can help you maximize your sales and marketing return on investment (ROI) by converting anonymous traffic into leads, understand your consumer journey, and go beyond simple analytics to truly measure your digital ROI?


But Then, What If…

What if we told you we could do all of the heavy lifting for you and utilize our marketing automation tools to then nurture those leads, qualify those leads and then deliver those leads to your sales team based on your measure of qualification.

That’s right! Adwebvertising has the ability to not only identify traffic across your digital footprint (website, social media, email, digital assets such as white papers, pdf’s and other documents, and more), but we are able to create amazing marketing campaigns to engage customers who are not ready to buy…YET.

By giving you front-of-mind presence we are able to reach passively engaged consumers with your brand message and educate them, then direct them to the point of sale. Through technology we are able to track the individuals customer journey and based on their interaction with your brand we evaluate and score them. When the individuals score reaches the point that we (your teams and ours) feel they are ready, we can then hand off these newly qualified leads to the appropriate individual or team with a higher probability of closing the deal.


Try It For Free!

We would love it if you just took our word on it. After all, we know it works, because we use it ourselves. But we understand the courtship involved in partnering with an agency and you would probably like to see it in action for yourself. Right?

Simply fill out our contact form and a member of our team will contact you directly to set up your FREE TRIAL. We will run the trial for a short period of time and then schedule a call with you and your sales & marketing folks to discuss the results. After we have proven to you and your team that we can truly benefit your company, we will ask you for your business, but only if you agree to tell us “no” if you don’t think it is a good fit (insert laughter here). Fair enough?


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