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AboutThe Client


Adwebvertising was contracted by Enerburn Inc to build a dynamic, fully functional website that promoted the brand in an exciting way utilizing cutting edge web technologies, video and mobile responsive functionality.

Adwebvertising is also working with Enerburn to help them achieve ranking for their brand. As it currently stands, the distributors of this fine diesel catalyst had already entrenched themselves in the SERP’s and our aim at Adwebvertising is to help the client achieve the dominant position for their products on the SERP’s through SEO best practices.

Enerburn SERP's

About this project

Enerburn was an exciting project that enabled Adwebvertising to tap into our skills in video post production utilizing Adobe After Effects to create a sizzling intro to the site and give Enerburn an edgy new look. We utilized these same video skills to animate several of the test results graphs to give them a more powerful and attractive appeal.

With time Enerburn has seen some improvements in their rankings. Adwebvertising is working diligently through content development and other SEO best practices to help Enerburn rank effectively and reach their goals for brand recognition on the major search engines.