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With the Mac Terminal practice out of the way, it is time to dig back in to learning Python. If I have to take any other deviations along the way I will take you along with me. We started the Python Discovery Sessions by looking at the tutorials that are on the Python website. I found these to be unclear for my tastes and opted for another approach one that Jason Stanley recommended. That said we will be going through Learning Python the Hard Way.

[note]I really enjoyed the terminal practice. These Learning the Hard Way tutorials are very direct and acurate. I only had a couple of questions as opposed to other tutorials that have me scratching my head and wondering what I got myself into[/note]

So…here we are. A new day and a new tutorial. Spent most of the morning in sweet slumber and then worked on tilling the garden. Now my mind is fresh after a good day of manual labor and I am ready for an intellectual challenge. Here goes!

This is what we will be learning first:

  • Reading and Writing
  • Attention to Detail
  • Spotting Differences.

[note] Reminds me of starting Spanish class in college, “Hola Clase, Mi Nombre Es Profesor Esmerelda Bonita Dominguez Salazar Gutierrez, Abren Su Libros…JAJAJAA…I mean HAHAHAHA [/note]

So apparently like any new language we will be learning how to read it. From what I learned in the terminal practice, attention to detail is imperative, and like any good detective spotting differences is fun.

[note] My wife buys those magazines from the check-out line at the grocery store…in the back there is a picture of some celebrity and an almost identical picture below it. You have to find the differences in the pictures. I love this game! By the way Where Is Waldo?[/note]

Before we begin I wanted to share the license for this book with you. I will make the link available to the book in its entirity for free, I may not always refer to the link in every post but I do want make sure I offer it at least once to you so that I can respect the wishes of the author who will be teaching us.

You can find the book online at http://learnpythonthehardway.org/ Thanks Zed for the help…I certainly appreciate it.

Okay…so here we go!

In this first excercise I went in and put some of my new terminal skills to practice. Fixed Gedit so that it works for our purposes and ran a little code:

of course mine looks a little bit different but I got the gist of it.
code sample


And well folks…that is about all that I am going to do for today. Apparently my wife needs some attention and well…I want to give it to her. Word of advice…if you are going to start learning a new program…language…anything….get ready for little sleep. I have to get into it when my wife and kids are in bed. I don’t want too much competition and I realize that this is going to eat up a lot of my time already.[/note]

Until next time.



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