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One of the best facets of our company is the fact that our clients are very engaged in the process of writing the content that we put on their websites. To be quite honest, it makes our job so much easier. The fact of the matter is that our clients know their business better than we can ever know it but drawing this content out of our clients can sometimes prove to be an arduous task. Many of the clients that we work with on a daily basis have spent years perfecting their crafts. They have stories to tell about their businesses that add so much value to their offerings, but getting them to verbalize this in a way that we can capture it and relay it to their clients in the form of content is the tricky part. Adwebvertising has devised a way of drawing out this valuable content that might seem a little “beyond the box.”

Developing good content starts by asking good questions. Just ask Google about content development. A part of our content development process begins with a thorough content collection form. The content collection form we have developed asks all the pertinent questions that one might expect a web developer to ask, but the collection form is not nearly as important as the time we spend with the clients getting to know them and their business. Our content collection form has been designed in such a way to serve as an ice-breaker of sorts. What we have found through experience is that the standard content collection forms only allow the developer to paint a superficial picture of what our clients are really like.

Many website developers will send a form to their clients and have them fill out the form and send it back. The web developer will then take that content (if in electronic format) and cut and paste the data into the pages of the new website. Unfortunately this does not benefit the client. Remember that the business owner is a wealth of untapped content. This content generally needs to be massaged out of the client and the standard web content collection form does little to coax this valuable content. In fact, most of these content collection forms are quite sterile and limit the client to sharing generic information (much of which can can be gathered from similar websites), but that golden content, the content that makes our clients websites stand apart from their competitors comes in the face-to-face consultation. The content collection form becomes a tool that we use to elicite valuable information and create an atmosphere that is fun and rewarding for our clients in the final analysis. When it is all said and done we are able to gather content that might have otherwise gone untapped by conventional methods.

Going Beyond the Form

When we schedule a one-on-one with our clients with the purpose of content collection we have a standard form that we bring with us. Our primary objective is to use the questions on this form as talking points while we ask other valuable questions that are not neccesarily on the form itself. By engaging our clients in this manner our clients are more open and willing to share information about their company and some of the behind-the-scenes looks at what really makes their company unique. When we engage our cleints we encourage them to have fun with the content collection process. When the clients feel more comfortable asking the “canned questions”, the more personable questions take on a new level of livliness. While we are in discussions we are always taking notes and recording little anticdotes and stories. Essentially, we are uncovering the real company, the real owner, and the real content!

When it is all said and done we reveal the fullness of the content that we have collected and looked at the stunned, but excited faces of our clients who may not have fully realized how much good content they really had to offer. The key to a successful content collection meeting is to keep it fun. We engage our clients and answer all of the questions that they may have (this gives us an opportunity to show off our expertise) and we spend time getting to know them on a more personal level. It is easier to gather the golden content when the walls are down and the client can speak freely. The content collection form is a great tool to get us there. A really neat way to get your cleints to open up and give you golden content is to give them the freedom and the flexibility to have fun. Let them know that they are not solely responsible for providing you with all of the content. Ensure them that you will be using your expertise to augment their content. With the freedom to have fun, you will find that you are actually freeing your cleints to divulge valuable content.

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