Google Success In Friendswood

Update (May 2nd, 2012) : Google Danced on us and we have moved. Excited to see where we settle. See our latest post on Google Penguin

Greetings Friends!

Just wanted to share a little success story with you about our SEO efforts in Friendswood, Texas. As many of you know we are Friendswood-based website design firm that specializes in website design, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, content development, and more! But what you may not know is that on January, 1, 2012 we launched our new website (which was an incredible face-lift from our previous site). We started optimizing our own website at that point for keywords related to our services in the Friendswood. I am happy to say that we made it to Page One on all of our keywords!

Prior to launching our website optimization campaign for Friendswood we were competing against some of the pro’s that have been serving the Friendswood area for a while that had long held and still hold page one Google positions despite the many changes in Google algorythms. This tells me that folks like BigSplash, Roberts and my friends and neighbors over at Wild Web are writing good quality content as well that stands the test of time and the test of the Algorythm de jour.

But more important to us, Adwebvertising secured its spot on Google in Friendswood even trumping placement of key competitors and securing #1 positions in valid keywords and keyword phrases that the competitors had not considered or chose not to pursue.

Keyword: Content Development Friendswood

Adwebvertising Showing Up On Google In Friendswood

Keyword: Web Development Friendswood

Adwebvertising Showing Up On Google In Friendswood

Keyword: Web Design Friendswood

Keyword: Print Friendswood TX

We are very excited about the progress and will move towards expanding outward to other geo’s in the Houston metro over the next few months. If you like what we are doing tell a friend about us and share this on facebook!


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