Dances With Penguins: Google Penguin Update

Dancing with Google

Dancing with the Stars

There is a fascination with reality shows like Dancing with the Stars. Each week the nation tunes in to see who will dance their way to stardom! The contestant pairs consist of a celebrity paired with a professional dancer. Some of the recent celebrity contestants have included professional and Olympic athletes, supermodels, actors, singers, astronauts, and other popular stars. Each couple performs predetermined dances and competes against the others for judges’ points and audience votes. The couple receiving the lowest combined total of judges’ points and audience votes is eliminated each week until only the champion dance pair remains.

Dancing with Adwebvertising

Just like dancing with the stars, companies like Adwebvertising monitor the traffic of their clients sites as well as the traffic to their own sites every day. What Advertisers like Adwebvertising are looking for is movement on the search engines (primarily Google). Ideally, when you build a site that is aesthetically appealing, fully functional, optimized on-site and full of great, quality, unique, content, you will see vertical movement in your site towards page one of Google. In the perfect world this would happen immediately.

There have been instances where we built an article around a keyword phrase, published the article to find that it had been indexed and placed on the SERP’s almost instantaneously. We love it when this happens. But what happens more often than not is we make a post, and watch it over the course of several days, weeks and in rare instances, months. While it does a little dance with Google before settling down into what we like to call a temporary position. We work on the post or page for a few more days in an attempt to build high quality links back to the site by instituting post awareness campaigns on the social networks and other portals in an effort to bring more traffic to the pages and earn higher rankings. Then like clockwork, Google wants to dance again. By the time the dance ends we find ourselves most of the time on Page one. This has been the case for sometime now. We danced with Panda and when the dust settled most, if not all of our online assets were still ranking nicely (with the exception of some very competitive keyword pages-which we expect will take longer to develop) and usually on page one.

Dancing With the Google Penguin Update

Google Penguine DanceGoogle, in an effort to do right by the end-user and its part in elimination of spam across the web rolled out an update to the last algorithm known as “The Google Penguin Update.” This update went live on April 24th, 2012. Google announced on its Webmaster Central Blog that this latest Google Penguin Update was targeting violations of Google’s quality guidelines.

Although Google states that the Google Pengiune update would only impact approximately 1+% of all search queries, I am seeing quite another story being played out in the real world. According to some experts in our industry, Google is targeting commercial keywords in this latest update in an attempt to eliminate spam sites from the Search Engine. But in the wake we have seen some quality sites suffer from the proverbial “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.” To our surprise, Google has offered some help to those who may have been inadvertently hit, in the form of a feedback form where you can complain if you feel you were collateral damage.

Google Gets The Last Dance

But wait…there’s more (I always wanted to say that- the irony is it may cost me dearly for this article in the SERP’s). The fact is that anytime Google rolls out an update on a scale this large, we need to wait until the dust settles before we lose our minds altogether or celebrate with an endzone dance from behind bleary red eyes and pots of coffee. Sites will continue to dance in the SERP’s for a little while longer and so the end is not yet in sight.

If I may be so bold as to make my own prediction, I am going to have to say what I have always said about SEO, and that is, “If you build good quality content, you will not be impacted by these changes and updates from Google.” Again, Google has the best search engine on the planet because it does one thing really well. It caters to the guy who is sitting behind his computer typing in the keywords that we as advertisers work so diligently to cater to. If you are in the business of building good content, you will not be easily moved by the storms that will devastate others who are running every which way and reacting to every fad the Internet throws their way.  As Google starts to clean out the toolbox, so to speak, your Internet properties will either stay in the toolbox, end up in a junk drawer or tossed out depending on how well you have developed content. And so, I predict that over the course of the next few refreshes, that some of our properties will see a new and vigorous showing in the SERP’s.

The Good Guy Never Wins….Really?

We have all heard that story. The god guys never win. But I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the Internet has and always will be a place where the underdog can become a champion. Call it altruism, but I really think that if you work hard and play by the rules you will win in the end. Let’s just hope for the sake of old fashioned webmasters like myself, that Google stays true to its pursuit of good quality content. When it is all said and done, It is our hopes that when we finish dancing with the Penguin we will have “happy feet!”



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  2. Yea Google really did a number on small businesses with this update. We even wrote more on it ourselves also

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