Adwebvertising Case Study: The Maids of Southwest Houston

Adwebvertising and The Maids of Southwest Houston

The Maids of Southwest Houston

The Maids of Southwest Houston

Adwebvertising has been working with the Maids of Southwest Houston to improve their overall organic rankings and assist them with their online presence through both Google Adwords and local organic search. We have seen a great deal of success even with the recent algorithm updates that Google has made. Overall we feel the partnership has been successful at least in the PPC realm and we have made great strides in the SERP’s organically. One notable issue that we have ran across, and believe could be hindering organic success at the level we see with most of our other clients is the fact that many of their inbound links are being pointed to their corporate site which we are also competing with at the local level. The initial content that we used in the “local site” was largely duplicated from the corporate site during the initial build. Understanding that duplicate content can be inherently negative we began to rewrite content to make it fresh and unique. We have also gone out to the partnering Internet directories such as SuperPages, and YP.Com and over 40 other directory sites and updated the links back to the “local site.” We hope to see an improvement in the SERP’s over the course of the next few weeks.

In addition to our normal SEO best practices which we have been diligent to employ on the site, we have incorporated social media to the site and have made the site responsive to various devices including iPhones, Androids, tablets and laptops. Furthermore, we have tested for cross browser compatibility and the site seems to appear to be fully functional across the board. With the addition and implimentation of other industry standard SEO tools we foresee the site taking a bold move towards page one for the keywords related to the business.

Feedback Welcomed

While we are certainly not novices in the practice of SEO we know and understand that we are not above learning. Any feedback that you may have on ways that we can improve our clients rankings are welcomed. We hold to the premise that good, timely, and relevant content is crucial to a websites success on the search engines and we do things the hard way because historically this has garnered the most favorable results. We want to comply with all of Googles standards and be the very best SEO company in our market. All of that to say we welcome your feedback and hope that you will enjoy seeing The Maids of Southwest Houston increase in organic ranking over the months to come.


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