Why Managed WordPress Hosting Is Critical To WordPress Users

Why WordPress Managed Hosting Is Critical For WordPress Users

Why Managed WordPress Hosting Is Critical To WordPress Users

When presenting the Adwebvertising Hosting Solutions for Managed WordPress Hosting we are often asked what is the importance of having a dedicated WordPress Managed Hosting Solution. This article is about why managed WordPress hosting is critical to WordPress users.

Many users prefer using the robust features of WordPress because it is an intuitive content management system. Out of the box, WordPress takes care of about 90% of common SEO (search engine optimization) issues. The main issue that users of this framework must be aware of is that WordPress is an open source product. Because of this, changes that are made to the framework are public as well. Because of this hackers will exploit these change logs and go after sites that are not frequently updated. The results can be disastrous for the WordPress user that is not familiar with the need to update regularly.

With WordPress, themes and plugins must be updated regularly to make sure that they are compatible to the latest iteration of the WordPress core updates. In some instances, WordPress will update their core architecture and these changes can create conflicts between the framework and the theme or plugins used on the site.

Why WordPress Managed Hosting Is Critical For WordPress UsersTo illustrate this point imagine, if you will, that your website is a house. Your house sits on a piece of property (this would be your hosting–where the files that make up your website are stored). The mailbox is your domain (your web address–the www.yourdomain.com). Both the house and the mailbox can be moved to any hosting platform.

The framework of the house is representative of the core WordPress framework. The outer facade and trim could be likened unto your theme (the way the site looks and functions).

Inside your house are your fixtures & plumbing(akin to your plugins) that give your site versatility and added functionality.

WPscan-Wordpress-vulnerability-scannerAny time your frame changes, everything on the house and in the house has to be updated to match the core changes, or you could very well end up with a house that is all out of whack and does not work. This is why it is so important for WordPress users to update the various components of their site. When hackers scan for vulnerabilities, the sites that are not current are most vulnerable.

Being on top of your updates limits your chances of being vulnerable to exploits and attacks from hackers. In addition to regular updates, WordPress users should make sure that their host is not a “sit-it-and-forget-it” host. In other words, be sure that your host is not just putting your files on their server and then forgetting about them. If you just want to lease space to host your website and you are not concerned whether or not your site gets hacked, then any old host will do. There are many “gang-hosts” out there that will gladly take your money and slam you on to a box (server) with a thousand other websites which, incidentally, are all competing for the same resources, without a concern for whether you site is updated and managed to prevent these kinds of exploits.

There is much more that can be said about why managed WordPress hosting is critical for WordPress users; however, these are the main reasons.

Adwebvertising offers a fully managed WordPress hosting solution, where we go into the sites on a daily basis and make sure that all core updates are made, and we manage the daily updates to themes and plugins for our clients as well. In addition, we add a few other security measures to our client sites to help avoid them having issues like those mentioned above.

Perhaps the most unique thing about Adwebvertising WordPress Hosting Solutions is that if your theme is ever abandoned, or becomes outdated, or get’s hacked (which is less likely due to our security measures), we will go in and rebuild your site at no additional cost to you (save the cost of licenses and custom coding). It is like having website insurance. No other hosting company offers this solution, which is why Adwebvertising Managed WordPress hosting is perhaps one of the best solutions for your WordPress site.

If you are interested in our hosting packages and would like a FREE consultation on how we can help you by not only hosting and updating your WordPress site, but enjoy new content development and marketing techniques, simply fill out our contact form below and one of our representatives will schedule your consultation.

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