Google Split–Mobile Ready SEO In Demand


Google Split–Mobile Ready SEO in Demand: Adwebvertising Responds

google-splitMany years ago, Adwebvertising notified its clients of what we felt was on the horizon with regard to SEO and search ranking for our client sites. We have always been very proactive to keep our finger on the pulse of what is shaping the ever evolving world of Search. We predicted that mobile search would overtake desktop search and that there would be a shift in SEO leaning towards a dominating trend with local searches being performed on mobile devices and technologies. What we speculated but had no way of knowing was that Google would end up splitting their index and separating results between mobile and desktop applications. Still we prepared for such an event by gearing up content for just this kind of change.

With the recent news about the split broken by Google’s very own Gary Illness at the Pubcon in Las Vegas what we expect is that Google’s index will be broken into two versions: a mobile version and a desktop version. With the rise of mobile usage, it means that mobile search will gain a lion share of the priority for updates by Google; whereas, the desktop version will not be updated nearly as frequently. This has been confirmed by Gary on Twitter as well.

Not one to be reactive Adwebvertising started many years ago in preparation for these events. We started with moving all of our clients over to mobile responsive website technologies that adapt to the end-users preference of application. Whether your clients are on an iPhone or Android, laptop, desktop or tablet, your site will adjust to meet their preference automatically. We won’t spend the time going through how this technology works, but we wanted you know that we have stayed ahead of the game on your behalf.

We also Amped up all of our clients pages because we understand that site speed and load times are critical to both our clients and the end-user experience. Statistically speaking 54% of consumers will abandon a site or page that does not load within 3 seconds. This kind of site abandonment can be frustrating to the consumer and devastating to site owners business. Several months ago we sent out a notification to all of our clients that we have moved their sites to an Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology. By doing so we have successfully managed improve your load times for mobile applications.

It all boils down to staying on top of the ever changing world of SEO technology. At Adwebvertising we understand that our clients can’t always run their business and take the time it needs to research and learn what is shaping the Internet and Internet marketing. We do this on behalf of our clients so that their sites are the most efficient and conform to Google’s standards. Still our motives are not only centered around our clients. As an agency we strive to be recognized as leaders in our market too. When our clients benefit they do so because we are always on quest to improve our understanding of our practice and always improving our strategies in order to be at the forefront of the competition for new business.

From time-to-time, we will take a break from the day-to-day, to alert you about major changes that are unfolding on the Internet. We want to keep you in the know, or at the very least comfort you with the knowledge that you have an advocate who is in the know acting on your behalf.

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