Below is the image of the final product. As you can see it is a bit off on the printing.


Here is the correspondence:


I just wanted to make sure that the back of the envelope on order B7346123028-003 is set up correctly. The back flap should be the robin’s egg blue color on the flap. I was a little confused by the email the processing department sent where the if the blue was the cut line and the green was the bleed.

If you could take a quick look that would be awesome. Please let me know your findings and if I need to resubmit I can.

At Your Service,

Nick Covanes
Adwebvertising, LLC.
713.397.3833 | Mobile


Good afternoon Nick,

Thank you for contacting 4over customer service, the file is set up correctly . As far as the color we do not guarantee color nor do we color match. We are a gang run printer and there may be a color variation once printed.

Best regards,

Mayra F.


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