Latest Python Adventure

Okay so you are probably wondering where I have been…or maybe not… I have been learning to use the Mac Terminal the past day or so and I am proud to announce I have made it to chapter 15 doing all of the excercises. What? Did you think that I would be finished by now…Hardly!

I spend half of my days doing ministry related work, then I run a business on top of that, and then my most important job is spending the time I get to spend with my family of 7! We did get to go and see a movie at the dollar cinema today

[note]If you have not seen the movie Courageous yet, I would encourage you to check it out. It is powerful. And no I don’t cry….my eyeballs may sweat a little but I don’t cry![/note]

Anyways. That is why I am up at 2:40 am while most of you are fast asleep dreaming. I have to get up in a few hours to get to work on our family garden out in the back yard (preparing for planting after last frost this year) but  I wanted to report what I have done on my quest for Python.

So…be blessed…hope you enjoy your weekend and if you get a chance to see Courageous this weekend, let me know what you thought!

Back soon with more on Python Progress

[note]Speaking of “progress” have you ever read A Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan? Not to be confused with Paul Bunyan…wow…I am tired…can you tell? [/note]


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