Python Lesson One Continued

Okay…so here is what happened…I started out with a PEBKAC in a major way! I installed the wrong version of Python….let’s just say OOPS and move on. That problem I was having with the syntax error with the >>> print ‘Hello’ in the last session….well duh…that was part of the problem. SO…back on track and to prove it, get a load of this:

Yay Me!

Okay…so now back to where we left off…where did we leave off?

[note]Okay…okay….so I ran into some hurdles initially and since I am just getting started here…I am going to switch gears and find a more intuitive learning manual….so I got on with our illustrious C.T.O., Jason Stanley and he recommended instead of using the quick approach to learning that I try Learning the Hard Way by Zed A. Shaw. I have learned the hard way is often the best way…so here goes![/note]

[note]So the first thing I got was like punched in the face! Instantly it was download this app and go do this learn that….Kewl! I can give it a shot. Afterall, I grew up with a Marine as a dad…piece of cake[/note]

So first things first, Zed the Python Zen Master instructs me to go and download a new program to use called Gedit which I promptly did for fear of retribution. Once I got that installed it was a quick jog over to take a crash course using Terminal on OSX.

That said…I will see you again in a day or so after I digest this intial chore. Pray for me. I need it. I feel my brain swelling….this ought to be fun.


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