Tips For Better Content Search Engine Optimzation

Tips For Better Content Search Engine Optimization

Abstract: Adwebvertising LLC, a website design and Internet Marketing firm, based out of Friendswood Texas offers the following ways to improve your chances to secure better positioning on the major search engines. The bottom line is writing good, timely content that is updated regularly and utilizes relevant keywords that flow within your content is the best way to serve your clients and enjoy higher ranking on the search engines. 

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Write Excellent Content! The number one way to attract clients to your website and build your credibility on the Internet is to provide your readers with fabulous content. In the world of Search Engine Optimization, the adage is, “content is King.” Remember, the search engines are not as concerned with your website as they are with providing their end-users with timely, relevant content. You want to consistently offer compelling and interesting content on your website. Adwebvertising, LLC offers content development solutions for those who do not know how to develop content that results in clicks!

Write Unique Custom Content! You want to be identified by your consumers and the search engines as an expert in your area of service. Your unique content is another resource for the search engines to pull from. If you simply copy and paste content on to your site, you are not providing any added value to the search dynamics and therefore you will not benefit from what we call cloned content. Also, you never want to blatently plagerise content. It is quite okay to use other peoples content to generate ideas, but if you use their content be sure that you cite the information and link back to them. In some instances it is better to get written permission when borrowing content from another author. Custom content the best way to establish credibility online.


Be Sure To Update and Add New Content Regularly! If you want to improve your rankings you will need to devote a substantial amount of time adding new and timely content to your website. Not only will this increase the amount of pages that your website offers but it serve to make your site an optimal resource on your topic. We are often asked, “how much time should we spend on content development every week?” The answer is simple. All of the time. You should be jotting down notes about your business regulary. In the margins of your notes You can put a symbol that will indicate a potentially good idea for a blog article or added content to your site. When I meet with clients and we brainstorm I will put a big star next to my notes where I think there is potential that the discussion would make for good content on my site. If you offer a service and you help a client out with a solution, this makes a great case study or DIY. The point is that you want to be constantly coming up with ideas and developing new content for your website.

Keywords In Your Content! You want to make sure that each page is unique and is optimized for one specific keyword or keyword phrase. What we do for our clients is brainstorm keywords that are relevant to their business based on their navigational structure. Choosing the right keywords is important to your ranking and so we research each keyword group and generate a solid list of keywords that are related to one another and disburse those throughout the content on a specific page. This makes the content relevant around a keyword or keyword phrase but does not inhibit the readablity of the page. The last thing you want to do is what our industry terms “Keyword Stuffing.” This practice can get you sandboxed (removed) from the search engines really quickly. Back in the day people would put all of their keywords at the bottom of a page in the same color as the background. It worked way back then, but now it is considered an Internet crime punishable by death (of your search engine results anyways). Best thing to do is consider your keywords relevance to each specific page, use it modestly, but consider other variations of the keyword that are appropriate and do not hinder the flow of your page. 

Choose the Right Keywords! When choosing your keywords you want to make sure that you choose keywords that will impact your searchability. If you use highly competitive keywords you may not show up on the most popular pages of the search engines. Less competitive keywords will make you more visible. As your begin to develop your site and become an authority amongst your competition on the search engines, your weight will increase and you will more likely be able to use those more competitive keywords with relevance and more importantly, with recognition. Earn a presence online and then slam-dunk with competitive keywords when you have established your presence online.

Your Title Tag is Your Friend! When it comes to optimization of your website the biggest mistake most novices make is ignoring the importance of the title tag. The title tag is one of the most important tags on your website and is used by the search engines to index your website. If you look at the very top of this page you will notice (if I have done my job correctly) a page title. This shows the search engine what the website is all about. 

Keyword Rich Domain Names! A keyword rich domain is exaclty what it sounds like. If you buy a domain why not purchase a domain that has your keyword or keyword phrase in it. For example, if you are a plumber in Houston, a perfect, keyword rich, domain would be It is always a good practice to include your keyword or keyword phrase where appropriate and putting your keyword or keyword phrase in your domain is a fantastic optimization technique at your disposal. 

Name Your Pages with Your Keyword or Keyword Phrase! If it is at all possible you want to include your keyword phrase in the name of the html or other language file that you are using. For example, if you are writing a page about pressure washing and your content is about pressure washing you might consider saving your page as pressure-washing.html. The point is that you want to utilize your keyword or keyword phrase in as many relevant places as possible. 

Keyword Density vs. Keyword Stuffing! If it does not flow easily when read chances are really good that it is stuffed with keywords. Keyword stuffing is a blackhat practice where the developer fills your page with too many keywords. The ratio of keywords to the number of other words on your page is known as keyword density.  While this is the topic of much debate amongst search engine optimizers a good rule of thumb is to make sure that your keyword or a variation of your keyword, including keyword phrases do not exceed 7-8% for your primary keywords and 2% for any other related keywords.

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