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Webmaster Retainer Service Friendswood Texas

Webmaster Retainer Service from Adwebvertising!

Website clients of Adwebvertising, LLC in Friendswood, TX put them on retainer to serve  as their webmaster for many reasons, but the best reason is the level of service that they offer. They are dedicated to making every client feel like they are getting one-on-one, dedicated service. One level of webmaster retainer service is called the Marquee Client and boasts one of the best website managment services in the industry. Here are some of the details of this webmaster retainer service level.

  • On call webmaster services (10 hrs. per month)
  • Multiple Domain Management
  • Waive the managed hosting fees
  • Daily Redundant Back-Ups
  • Waive the  management fees for S.E.M.
  • Ongoing Optimizations
  • Content Development
  • The Works!

This all looks good in bullet points, but what does all of this look like from the clients perspective? What is Adwebvertising really offering its Friendswood website clients? Once you have read the following you will want to be a client. In fact you may already know someone who is a client.

We want our clients to experience a level of customer service that is unprecidented in our industry. We want every client to feel like they are our only client. We have built this level of client satisfaction into our growth model, so that no matter how big we get as a company, our clients will feel like they are dealing with a small firm.  -Nick Covanes, C.E.O.

And so what we have done for the balance of this article is to break down many of the webmaster retainer service components so that you can see what Adwebvertising Marquee clients enjoy.

Webmaster Retainer Service Explanation

On call webmaster services (10 hrs. per month)- basically this means that we do daily updates and monitoring of your website. When you need additional content added we go in and post new content when you call or email us with the instruction. We do all trouble shooting to make sure the websites are functioning optimally. We do speed tests on your site, and constant monitoring to insure that your site is always up with minimal down time. (99.9% uptime). A part of the time each month is spent in consultation with our clients to help them strategize their online marketing. We also use this time to write unique content, blog and add client content to the social networks. Because we scour the Internet regularly looking for unique ways to boost our clients online presence we are constantly working to do optimizations to our clients sites.

Multiple Domain Management- we manage multiple sites for our clients without charging for each individual website. If you have multiple domains and you need content added to all of your sites  and optimizations to all of your sites you won’t have to pay for each site individually since all of the hours will be pulled from the monthly (10) hr block of time. This is great for companies that have a main site and multiple micro-sites. Let’s say, for example, that you have a website that focuses on Friendswood clients, but you also have one for Houston, one for Pearland, one for Beumont, and one for Austin. Can you imagine having to pay a separate management fee and hosting fee for each of these sites? It could get really expensive really fast. Also this includes DNS management and Mail management and other server-side applications regarding your domain hosting and management.

Waive the managed hosting fees- Okay  so I get free managed hosting right? What does that mean? What am I really getting? I mean I can get hosting for $5.00 month other places? Well, good luck with that. If you know what you are doing on a server, this might be a good alternative for you. But for what we are offering you can’t get  for $5.00 per month. For our Friendswood website clients, this is $187.00 per month savings first of all (and that price is completely under valued). Our Friendswood website clients have a dedicated server analyst that is monitoring their websites daily. We check to make sure that your site is updated regularly. We check your site speed constantly and monitor the site every day to ensure that your site is performing optimally. This includes managing the current updates and security patches on the server to mitigate attacks from malicious sources on the Internet. We scan the server daily and monitor the logs. Everything is monitored and done locally and not in another country. Our servers are  in a climate controled, secure data center to protect your data. We do daily back-ups of your data so that if your site or data becomes corrupted you don’t have to start all over again! And that is just the icing on the cake. We have an extensive knowlege of various control panels and are an expert on C-Panel and Plesk. Put it this way…you don’t have to know how to do anything about servers. We do it all for you.

Daily Backups and Weekly Redundant Back-Ups– Essentially we are taking and making encrypted, secure, copies of all of your data and copying it to multiple servers and multiple mediums. Redundant backups include back ups to alternate servers at remote locations, and also burned copies to DVD as well.  The point here is that if your site were to ever undergo an attack, or have data corrupted, we can restore the best available, most current copy for restoration (we encourage our clients to keep their own copies as well- you can never have too many copies!). We will archive these copies as far back as three months to increase the availabilty of a most recent “good copy.”

Waive the  management fees for S.E.M.- Many of our clients will do Search Engine Marketing, or pay-per-click advertising on Google. We set up and manage these campaigns for our clients to help them stay on the top of Google. Unlike other companies we do not mark up the cost per click. In fact our pricing with Google and the client is transparent. We earn our pay by managing the campaigns and making sure our clients get the optimal position on Google at the best price per click. Our pay comes from a percentage of their overall media spend. For example, if we are managing $6,000 in monthly click budget for our clients our fee is $600 (10%). With the marquee package from Adwebvertising, these management fees are waived and we will manage the PPC or S.E.M. campaign at no cost to our valued client.

Ongoing Optimizations– We focus primarily on two forms of optimizations: internal or on-site optimizations, and external or off-site optimizations. A majority of the initial on-site optimizations occur during the site build; however a bulk of the on-site optimizations come in the form of content development and are key to gaining prominent exposure on the major search engines. We will discuss this in greater detail in the next point. As for ongoing off-site optimizations, we are constantly looking for industry related sites for link building opportunities to increase the number of inbound links to your website. This includes inclusion in many of the most popular directories, industry related blogs, and forums and other practical sites that are relevant to your sites keywords and keyword phrases. Since we stay on top of what is hot on the Internet, we find applications that are relevant and cutting edge. When Google+ launched we set up all of our clients with Google+ accounts. When Pinterest became all the rave we put certain clients that would benefit together with a Pinterest account. Ideally we want to match our clients individually with external sources that will increase their citations online and improve their overall quality score.

Content Development- If we were to get rid of all of the other ammenities in the Marquee level webmaster retainer service from Adwebvertising and just keep this one, it would still be well worth it to our clients. Content is the only sure-fire way to gain prominent exposure online. Regardless of what the current Google algorythm is, you can rest assured that if you have good quality, timely, and relevant content that you will rank on the search engines. The better the content and the more of it that you have the greater your chances of ranking high on the search engines. 54% of small businesses update their sites .5 times per month on average! That will never do if you want to stay on top. There is no need to employ black-hat techniques when you can do the right thing online and benefit immensly from doing it the right way. We build this kind of quality content for our clients. Often times our clients will ask us to write a blog article or press release for them and post it to their site. Generally all we need to know is the direction they want to go with the article and the spin they want to put on it. We will do the research and write the content for them! What is best is that we optimize the content we write so that our clients can benefit from higher rankings on the search engines. We have written article and posted them on our clients site only to have them indexed on page one of Google within minutes of posting the article or blog! We understand that it is a full-time job running your business and that you don’t always have the time to invest in good content writing campaigns. That is why this webmaster retainer service is so important to our clients.

The Works!- What our clients seem to love the most about doing business with us is the fact that we are on call to serve them whenever they need us. There is nothing better than getting on the phone and calling for a customer service related issue only to be put on hold or wind up in a call center in another country. When you are paying for a webmaster retainer service, you expect to have good service. The benefit of the Adwebvertising Marquee webmaster retainer service is that you truly get more than what you pay for, but mor importantly, you are getting exactly what you need to thrive online. We are proud of the services that we offer and our clients are proud to do business with us.

So, whether you are one of our Friendswood website clients and are already recieving this quality webmaster retainer service or if you are outside of Friendswood and are looking for a dedicated webmaster to manage your website(s), then you can rest assured that you have found one of the best in the industry. Our team is comprised of experts from various facets of the Internet industry, including those with Internet marketing backgrounds, website development, Internet security, and sales backgrounds and even design and print. It is this combined experience and expertise that makes Adwebvertising a valuable resource for any small to mid-sized business.

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