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Adwebvertising is often asked the age old question and the question that every business owner wants to know, “How do I get my website on the top of search engines and how do I keep it there?”  Those of us who are in the business of writing content, building websites and helping our clients optimize their sites for performance on the major search engines understand that that this is an innocuous question, but loaded none-the-less. The real question is do I need a content writer for my business and is content development necessary. We hope that we can answer these questions for you. But before we begin here is our shameless plug for content writing, web design and Search Engine Optimization:

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Do I Need A Content Writer For My Business?

The one way to make sure that your website has the credibility to earn its place on the front page of the search engines is to have good, quality, timely, and relevant content. When you consider that search engines like, Yahoo, and Bing you have to wonder how they become the most reliable search engines on the planet. This is because they deliver the best content when the end-user searches for a product, service, or information. Generally you don’t have to dig too deep to find what you are looking for when you type in a search query online.

The fact is that the search engines scour all of the websites on the Internet and index this information in a kind of “Cliff Notes” of the web. When an end-user types in their search term, the search engine readily supplies the information from its index in the form of links to relevant websites. So what makes a site relevant? It’s content. Plain and simple. The more content that you have the more the search engines have to draw from and the more of a reliable resource your website becomes. This authority pays off in the form of page rank.

But to answer the question: Do I need a content writer for my busisness? That depends on whether or not you have time to spend writing content and the tools it takes to write quality content that is unique and shows that you are an authority in your industry. Most business owners do good enough just taking care of their business for the day, much less spending the time and energy it takes to keep up with writing a blog or building dynamic content for their websites.

To help business owners solve this issue Adwebvertising offers a content solution. Many of our clients keep Adwebvertising on retainer to help them with updates to their website and use any remaining hours of their retainer each month to build content for their website. Other Adwebvertising clients send us a blogging schedule and topics that they wish to cover on their blog. We use their retainer hours to research and develop and write good content which we place on their website or blog for them. A part of what Adwebvertising does when building content, is incorporate keywords and keyword phrases that help with the optimization of the content we write.

Answer: Yes, if you want to free up time to run your business and outsource your content development to a company that has the experience and talent to write good quality content for your website which will help you gain prominent exposure on the major search engines.

Is Content Development Necessary?

Content development is an active way for website owners that wish to gain exposure on the major search engines and showcase their material, but is it necessary? Absolutely! Content development is very necessary for getting on top of the search engines. When you consider that there is limited real estate available on the front page of the search engines and the way that websites get to the top of the search engine results pages, it makes sense to develop and write the very best content that you can. In the final analysis content is the only thing that matters. Even when the search engines change their algorithyms the one thing that remains consistent is your content. If you focus all of your energies optimizing around the latest Internet whim you might be guilty of putting all of your eggs in one basket. Content is the only way to ensure that your webs content is authoratative enought to stand when others are depending on black-hat techiniques to beat the latest algorithym.

Answer: Yes, content is very necessary to earn your place on the search engine results pages

How Do I Get Started?

Simple…give us a call at (713) 397-3833 or fill out our contact form and one of our qualified AdwebConsultants will contact you.

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