Python Excercise One

Alright! Our first excercise! This is where the rubber hits the road. Where the nose goes to the grind, and whatever other cliche you want to use.

Excercise One—so excited!

[note] i think i Will go to disney Land yesterday;.[/note]

[note]Enter one of many possible cliche’s that fit this bill.[/note]

[note] SCREEEEEEECH!!!! Hold up…do what to who…when? Looks like I am going to have to dig a little deeper before I take this one on.[/note]

Okay….apparently I have to go download Python first (15.5MB file size). Done!

Here is what the .txt file says:

Okay…so I got the download done and have read the .txt file now to install this is what I see when I begin the install:

Okay…you know the drill…go through the whole install rigamarole hitting continue until it is all said and done.

…And finally we get this…

The whole process including taking the screen shots and editing in photoshop took all of 5 minutes.

Now…to see how this baby works….ON WITH THE LESSON!

Where were we?? Ohhhh…Yes:



[note]Hey that worked! No PEBKAC Errors encountered here![/note]

On to the next step:

And that is what I go on my screen….PROGRESS
[note]By the way…if the opposite of “pro” is “con” doesn’t it follow that the opposite of “progress” is “congress”? I’m just saying….[/note]

[note]And here it is….the first PEBKAC I have encountered….or is it a bug??? HMMMMMM…[/note]
Basically, I tried using the >>>print ‘hello’ in various ways, with space, with quote, without quote, just about every combination I could think of and got a bunch of syntax errors…but when I just wrote ‘hello’ in single quotes something happened.

Okay….maybe that was part of the exercise…who knows…anyways the show must go on.

Worked like a charm! This is an example of a run-time error since the word cheese is not defined.

[note]Okay…have to admit….this part stumped me… How do you create a Python Script???? [/note]

Then I remembered…

[note]Okay…now it is at this point that my brain seizes up and I start to freak out.[/note]
I was able to create the script and save it to my desktop…but running the script is another story. The tutorial/beginners guide does not go into explicit details….maybe it was not written by a programmer that thinks LITERALLY…I don’t know. But I did a Google search and found that you can drag and drop the the new file onto your Python Launcher directly in your Finder.
The result was SYNTAX City!!! So…it is at this point that I will take a break and pick up again another time….STAY TUNED for another exciting episode of “Nick Get’s Eaten by a Python”

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